Monday, March 9, 2015

Mushishi Episode 14: Blood is Thicker Than Bamboo Water

     I'm rewatching Mushishi on DVD and blogging it. Previous post here. First post here. You can watch this episode and the rest of the series legally (and free) on Youtube. For those in need of a refresher, there's a list of brief episode descriptions here.

     A lot of people see family as something to be endured. They're restrictive. They don't understand. They disagree on crucial aspects of society, culture, and life in general. Family is more hard than anything else. And that's. . .fair. I personally have kept on pretty good terms with my family and have the great fortune of them being, in my eyes, largely intelligent, compassionate human beings. And you know what? They still get on my nerves. I've never been so full of rage or frustration or sadness at anyone the way I have been at family members. I can't imagine what it's like when you have blood relatives as vile as some of the ones I've heard of from other people.

     That said, I've also never loved anyone so completely as my family. They are so, so precious to me, in a way I can't fully describe. You know how people bond over hardship? I guess it's kind of like that, only. . .more. Family doesn't have to be anything special, and for a lot of people it isn't. But it can be something amazing, something important, something precious. They're can be a lifeline, a safety net. They're like a big warm blanket that might also happen to be incredibly itchy and uncomfortable; you can despise it and adore it all at once, but however you feel about it, it might be the only thing keeping you from dying of exposure.

     That's what this episode is about; families, the things they take from you, and the things they give you.

Well, families and my favorite thing about Mushishi: bamboo!