Monday, February 17, 2014

Neo Scavenger: Of Death and Fur Coats

     I'm dying. It's the middle of the night, which means I can't see anything around me and - more troubling - I can only take one action a turn. Normally this isn't much of a problem, but then again I'm not usually starving. My best bet is to find hunting grounds I can trap squirrels in, or barring that, a crumbling apartment to loot ketchup packets from. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything but flat plains in the past 7 hexes and I can't scavenge berries from the grass without the Botany skill. It's at this point in my blind, painfully slow search that I stumble into a hilly area and a dogman erupts from the darkness around me.

     At first I panic. Combat in Neo Scavenger starts as soon as two creatures occupy the same space, and dogmen are by far the most dangerous creatures I've ever encountered in the game's post-apocalyptic Michigan landscape. Then I remember that they can also be skinned and eaten if you manage to kill one.