Friday, May 31, 2013

Revisitation: Violent Video Games

(There are a number of posts I've made on this site that I don't like, no longer agree with, or just outright hate. Deciding what to do about those has been a difficult process. My skin starts to crawl when I think that people might still be finding and reading thse posts, but at the same time simply deleting them feels somewhat. . .disingenuous. After all, what about those who've already read them? As such, I've decided to instead revisit the topics of those posts and clarify, edit, or add to what was already there.)

     About a year ago, I wrote a piece on why I felt one very specific, but incredibly common argument against violence in video games was invalid. I don't intend to spend more time on that exact subject, because I feel it somewhat missed the deeper point. That's why this time I want to write not on the ramifications and consequences of having violence in video games, but the inclusion of violence itself.

     That's a very broad topic, because there are many, many variations of "violence." What's important is not to eradicate all traces of this component, but rather to include only the "right" kind. I recognize that the phrase "right violence" has a bit of a controversial ring to it, so allow me to explain.

Not too far off. (As an aside, I'm finally playing Shadow of the Colossus and the aggression of this boss was terrifying.)