Thursday, February 14, 2013

Closing the Loop

     Life has been rather stressful for the past several weeks. I'm easily the busiest I've ever been, with a school schedule that has me on campus for around 30 hours a week taking some remarkably difficult courses. One period that stood out in particular was the third week of the semester, in which I had three tests and one equally-weighted lab, all one after the other. On Friday afternoon, I staggered home, pulled myself to my chair, and collapsed, thoroughly exhausted and defeated. I already had plenty to do for next week, but I needed to do something that wasn't homework. What was it I did before school started, again? No, it wasn't video games - I had no time for them, either, but that wasn't it - so what was it?

     Ah yes. Anime.

     I didn't have the willpower to think of an alternative to my own suggestion, so I feebly glossed over my list of shows to watch, hoping inspiration would come from some unexpected title. No, not Penguindrum, I'm not mentally fit enough to enjoy that right now. Definitely not Hana Yori "Makino-embodies-passivity-to-excruciating-accuracy" Dango. Maybe I'll fall asleep to Ghost Hou-wait. I could watch that show. Yeah, you know what? I think I will. Let's do this.

     And with that, I resumed my journey through an anime series I'd started years ago but never finished: Inuyasha.