Friday, October 12, 2012

Hyouka is Hyoukay. . .is the title I wanted to use, but it was already taken

     Hyouka is a series by Kyoto Animation that finished airing a few weeks ago. Of course, everyone else, being competent anime bloggers, has already written three reviews, at least one retrospective, and an in-depth character study each. Thus, it is only natural that I'm writing a not-a-review now, after it's no longer relevant.

     When it first started airing, the main criticism leveled at Hyouka was that the mysteries didn't really have consequence to them, nor any particular reason or point to them. On the other hand, the (or at least one of the) aspects of the show its proponents lauded most was its characters. What surprises me about this is that no one seemed to see the correlation between these two statements.

Gratuitous background screen capture for lack of a more relevant image.