Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Quick Fall Updates

I'll cut to the chase. I go back to school tomorrow. This means (if I can trust what happened last semester) that my post frequency will go down. It probably won't be too bad early on, but sooner or later my academic obligations are going to keep me quite busy. I plan to avoid not blogging at all for months like last semester, but chances are there will be some slow spells, especially in November/December. I'm sure I'll find some way to get posts out, but I mostly just wanted to let you know that if they slow down and you're wondering why, school is probably the reason.

Thanks for reading the blog, and I hope to see you here in the coming months as well!


  1. Maybe if it gets too tough you should just take a month-long break or something like Mystia's doing. Then, you can draft up like 50-something posts and publish one every week or something, I don't know how people do things

    1. Well, my problem isn't motivation-related, it's time-related. I've still got a ton of posts I want to make and even the will to make them, I just have no time for them (which is the opposite of how it was over the summer). That's why I make these posts when that happens, 'cause it takes off any deadline related stress so I can just blog at my pace.

      Though, the last time I went on hiatus, I was only able to get 7 posts done...*shame*.

      Speaking of post making, I still need to flood you with application posts.