Monday, June 25, 2012

Super Gals! Review

Super Gals! Kotobuki Ran, abbreviated to Super Gals!, is a 52 episode shoujo anime series made by Studio Pierrot. It ran from summer 2001 to fall 2002, and is based on the "Gals" manga by Mihona Fujii.

Premise: Ran Kotobuki is well-known as the #1 gal in Shibuya, and she lives to shop, eat, and have as much fun as possible. But she's not all faux nails and para para; in the midst of all of her goofing off, she protects Shibuya from all manner of undesirable people, and she often devotes herself to helping both friends and strangers out of trouble, big and small. Of course, she'd rather be eating free food and scoring good deals on clothes, but getting someone out of a big pinch can be just as fun for her. Because of this, she's widely respected by the denizens of Shibuya, and although she may look (and even act) a bit shallow, she's got a big heart and a sense of justice that could put her Police Chief father to shame. But she's not interested in that line of work, much to her family's dismay. All she wants is to hang out with her best friends Miyu and Aya, and continue spending her days as Shibuya's #1 gal.
 -- ANN

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Genshiken Diaries: A Blogging Project

This is gonna be a slightly different post than usual. My good friends and blogspot buddies Foxy Lady Ayame and Neko of The Beautiful World initiated a blogging project, asking bloggers to share their stories about anime fandom in their local/national communities. I've finally gotten with the program, so read on to hear about my community experiences.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Borderlands and Using Styles Properly

In a recent venture to increase our LAN multiplayer collection, my brother and I picked up the 2009 Action FPS-RPG Borderlands. I finally got around to playing it, and I just couldn't help myself from making a post on it.
Note: For some reason, I had trouble making screencaps for the game work, so this post is relatively image light. Consider yourself forewarned...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Violent Video Games: Teaching Kids That Violence is Right?

There's a statement I've seen in many forms, in many places, forwarded by many people. This statement, in it's most basic form, is "Video games teach kids that violence is right." Now, I am 100% biased towards video games (heck, it's the industry that I'll be going into), and not even I can (truthfully) deny that seeing a grotesque death or an act of extreme violence will have some kind of effect on a child. Nor can I deny that seeing something violent will cause a desensitization towards that thing.  Despite this, however, I have problems with the above statements. Three big problems, actually. Here they are, in bold: "Video games teach kids that violence is right." Let me go through them, going from least to most important.