Saturday, March 31, 2012

Breaking Out of Retro! - Brave 10 Review

As you may know if you managed to catch my brief mention of it in my original What to Expect page, I planned on reviewing some shows at the end of every season. And guess what? It's the end of a season. So, time to break out of my retro reviews! This time I'm reviewing Brave 10, a 12 episode series made by Studio Sakimakura, who are very new in the industry. The series aired from January to March in 2012.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Subjectivity in Reviews

Well, I did it. The blog broke 1,000 hits last night. I know I also mentioned my 500th hit in my Warcraft III review, but this one has FOUR digits (don't worry, I'm not going to announce my hits every 500 views). I'd like to go ahead and take this chance to thank everyone who reads my blog, both publicly and anonymously. Your support and willingness to read my posts is what makes this worth it. Now, this isn't really a thank you, since I was planning on doing it anyways and me writing an editorial really isn't all that special. Regardless, I feel like it's too great an occasion to not do something for, and I'm back at the grindstone (school) tomorrow, so I wanted to get a "real" post done over Spring Break. (I wrote most of the Seventh Heaven review last weekend.) As the title suggests, this editorial discusses the topic of subjectivity in reviews.

Yet another picture I didn't use in my Mushishi review. I've been unearthing them bit by bit.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Jing: King of Bandits in Seventh Heaven Review

All right, it's been about a week since my last post (not that I'm a weekly blogger or anything) and spring break has started, so it's about time for another review. I had actually meant to get this out sooner, but my brother has been getting me to play a lot of Heretic and Hexen with him, so I've had less time to work on my posts. Anyhow, the review. Jing: King of Bandits in Seventh Heaven is the OVA sequel (perhaps "side story" would be more accurate) to the original Jing: King of Bandits anime series. It is 3 episodes long, each about 27 minutes in length, and was released in 2004.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Editing a Published Post

I've got a very light homework load (I'm wary, because usually my professors like dump work on me to do over spring break), so I decided that I might as well blog. The only problem is, I don't have much that I can and want to review. And since I had a lovely weekend reading and re-reading articles others have posted on the process of blogging, I've been thinking about that subject quite a bit myself. Thus, you get yet another editorial, this time focusing on a subject slightly less known than spoilers but argued about no less passionately: editing published posts.

Girge doesn't actually have anything to do with this post, I just like him and he has a pretty face.

Spoilers in Reviews

Well, I'm still avoiding my art homework (due tomorrow...ugh), so I figure, why not blog? I'm not doing anything else anyways, so...Here we go. This is an ever popular debate within the ani-blogging world (and the rest of the world, really), so that must mean that I need to write my own opinions, right? Of course I do. This'll be short (I mean it this time!), because I expect my internet to shut off in about 20 minutes (I hate my network administrator's security settings).

Do you become an avatar of death when you see a spoiler?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Battle for Wesnoth Review

Battle for Wesnoth is a turn based strategy game for the computer that was first released in 2003 by David White, its creator. The version I'm reviewing is 1.9.9.

Main menu

Warcraft III Review

It's been pushed back a couple times, largely due to my hectic school schedule, but I finally beat Warcraft III a couple days ago, so you get a review. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is a real time strategy PC game designed by Blizzard Entertainment that was released in 2002. In case you care, the version I played was straight out of the box from the Battle Chest.