Monday, December 26, 2011

What To Expect

[Nothing here is really relevant any more, but I like to keep it around for posterity's sake.]

As the title suggests, this post goes over what one can expect from this blog.

Well, the main thing you can expect from this site is reviews. Everyone, including me, is a critic. This blog is mostly an outlet for me to facilitate this "inner critic" (because what point is there to writing a review if no one reads it?). While I've got the main concept of just how to critique down (I think - or at least hope), I have little real experience, so cut me some slack if I do a terrible job here and there. Now, as for what I'll be reviewing, the blog title should have given it away:

Anime: So, yeah, I watch anime. Actually, I watch quite a bit of anime. This being the case, I've come across a number of shows that make me really want to elaborate on why a liked (or hated) them. So, I'll be reviewing a number of animated works. expect the vast majority to be Japanese TV shows, colloquially known as "anime." I'll usually cover the entire work (as opposed to an episode-to-episode or scene-by-scene basis). For a full review, I'll go over a number of topics like audio (music, voice acting), visuals (art style, animation), plot, and so forth. I'll try to have watched the whole thing a few times, at least once from start to finish, before I write the review. For less in-depth reviews, I may approach things in a simpler, more expansive way, doing away with the topics or going into less detail. Also, I may be reviewing it on an incomplete viewing. I'll attempt to do this as little as possible, and may it clear when I do.

Games: Being a person who likes things, I also play games. Expect most reviews to be on computer games (as opposed to console games, though I'll attempt to do those as well), especially retro games. Much like with shows, I'll split up the game into its constituent parts and look at them individually, then wrap it up at the end.

What To Expect From Reviews: 

Ratings: I plan on doing most reviews using a 10 value rating formula. Don't expect a lot of 10's, or a lot of 1's. I consider something ranked with a 10 to be at the pinnacle of its respective area, or close enough to it that it doesn't matter. Similarly, something ranked with a 1 is an absolute failure, devoid of redeeming features. A 5 is considered to be average, having met (or almost met) creation standards. To simplify things:

For a 10: Go out and watch/play this. No matter who you are, you should enjoy this, unless you fall into an exception explicitly stated in the review. Highly recommended.

For a 5: If you like this genre of game/show, or if you like something specific about (a voice actor, a graphical style, the kind of storytelling they use, etc.), then you should definitely try it. Chances are you'll enjoy it, even if you don't love it. Recommended to a specific crowd, but recommended none the less.

For a 1: Hmm...Maybe if you're masochistic, then it's possibility that you might enjoy this. Which is not to say you're a bad person; if you can enjoy it, then by all means, power to you. Still, chances are you won't enjoy it, so I really can't suggest that you try it out. Not recommended.

There's something I'd like to stress here. A 5 is not bad. A 5 is not exceptional, either. A 5 is something you'll like if you're into that. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that if you're someone who views a 7 out of 10 to be "average," don't do so here. View a 5, or at least a 6, as average. I was trying to do so when I reviewed it, so it wouldn't be fair to the product to view a 5 as bad.

So what exactly can you expect from my ratings? Well, don't expect a lot of 1's. This should make sense. I'm not a professional reviewer, and as much as I appreciate and respect my readers, I don't want to spend a lot of time watching or playing something I consider to be terrible. Furthermore, between college and doing the stuff I actually like, I can't spend a lot of time on terrible things. Which is not to say that there won't be any 1's, there just won't be a lot of full reviews for them. By the same token, expect a fair amount of 6's through 9's, because anything with those ratings is probably something that falls under the "things I like doing" category. So, it's not that I'm an overly merciful reviewer or that I don't know how to give something a bad rating, its that I don't have as much time for the bad stuff.

I should let you know now that overall ratings (that is, the score the game as a whole gets) will not be averages of individual aspect ratings (such has music, gameplay, replayability, etc.)

Reviews and Impressions: As I briefly stated earlier, I'll be doing "Full Reviews" and "Less Than Full Reviews," or, as I'll refer to them, "Impressions." So what's the difference? Well, the only real difference is the amount of work that went into the review, and the depth in which the material was discussed. A Full Review is the result of a full or near full (and possibly a second or third) viewing or playthrough. An Impression is the result of watching a few episodes or playing a couple of levels. The exact definition of both is a little blurry and what one person considers "Review" another would consider "Impression." As such, I'll do my best to provide mostly Full Reviews and make it clear when something is close to becoming an Impression.

Ratio of Anime to Games Reviewed: So, will I be doing more anime reviews or more game reviews? I play games more frequently than I watch anime. However, a typical RPG generally takes a lot more time to finish playing in its entirety than a 13 episode, 20-minutes-an-episode anime show does. So, chances are that I'll be reviewing more anime shows than games.

Frequency: As mentioned above, I'm in college, and furthermore, I get bored kinda easily. Being totally new to this, I have no idea how often I'll be writing reviews. Expect a fair amount around the end of every season, since that's when each anime ends. Combined with stuff I've already watched or played, and my motivation, and how busy I am with college, I figure it'll probably average out to something like 1-3 reviews per month, or maybe 1-5. Like I said though, I really don't know yet, so we'll see.

Other Stuff: So yeah, like it says in the header, I'll occasionally blog about other things, probably falling into one of 3 general categories: complaining about college (I'll try to keep a really, really tight lid on this one), music, and other websites. While this is primarily a way for me to review things, it is a personal blog, so other stuff will inevitably worm its way in here.

With that said, I'm looking forward to this, and hope that you'll get something out of reading my posts! Thanks for reading!

(Expect a review soon!)

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